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Missouri medicaid is horrible, it is put in place for those who can not afford medical/dental help. well i am 24 i have over 80 of my teeth rotted broken and broken INTO the gumlines, medicaid told me to get a letter from a dr that i am certainly in need of emergancy help dental wise, well i did that and now, NO DENTISTS will take me because they all tell me medicaid didnt cover those with TRUE letters, SO WHAT THE *** DO WE DO? i am in constant pain and i have infection out of the ying yang in my mouth and i just dont want to come out of the house more less smile.

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Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #899132

Get an education and stop leeching from the taxpayers.

to HA HA Kansas City, Missouri, United States #900768

As a full time laborer and tax payer, with a college education, I find your comment completely ignorant.


80 teeth??

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #620533

stop the meth

to faker #773999

Hey faker, get a life! Have a little compassion for your fellow man. These are serious issues we r talking about and unless you know whats actualy going on keep your mouth shut before you need dental work yourself

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